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With various add ons and options we provide you some great options to continue to build your business.

  • Ready Made Mentor

    Per Month

    Join our VIP Entrepreneur Mentoring WhatsApp Group and receive daily tips, info, advice, offers and more direct to your phone

    • Motivation - you are not alone , be part of a community of ecommerce entrepreneurs
    • Marketing Tips and more
    • Lesson of the day
    • Daily Reminders + Interesting things to learn
    • SMM Reminders + Tasks for store owners
    • Ready Made Stores Exclusive Offers
    • Cancel Anytime
  • Ready Made VIP

    Per Month

    Join The VIP Group for access to exclusive benefits

    • Access to Ready Made Mentor WhatsApp daily tips & advice
    • Access to the Exclusive VIP Forum Entrepreneur Group
    • Extended Support included free
    • Monthly review and feedback of Ready Made Property business
    • Access to new features before launch
    • Access to round table zoom meetings with management
    • Helpful & Interesting eCommerce blog articles
    • Future proof tips and articles of interest
    • Tech tips and good read recommendations
    • Ready Made Stores Exclusive Offers
    • Cancel Anytime
  • Live Marketing Training Level 1


    Learn how to market your store with our Live Webinar Marketing Training , with Live questions sessions and live webinars to help you grow your business.

    • Marketing on Facebook
    • Marketing on Instagram
    • Marketing on Twitter
    • Marketing on Google Places
    • Marketing on Tiktok
    • Email Marketing
    • Round Up
    • How to Setup Automated Social Media Marketing
    • Cancel Anytime
  • Live Marketing Training Level 2


    • PPC Marketing on Google Ads
    • PPC Marketing on Facebook Ads
    • PPC Marketing on Instagram Ads
    • Paid Instagram Shoutouts
    • Using Google Analytics
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • YouTube
    • Round Up
    • Cancel Anytime